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Within 25-miles of Burleson you’ll find 695,000 workers, and that number is growing every week. When you expand the radius out further, that number grows to well over 6 million! Burleson can draw people from all over the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Already in the city of Burleson there are more than 1,500 businesses with more than 12,000 employees.

The low cost of living in Burleson, many amenities, and a “Hometown feel”, attract young, well-educated adults and families, and that means a great labor pool for your business.

Burleson Workforce Stats
Within 25-miles of Burleson
Already in Burleson
Working in Burleson


Looking for engineers in areas such as mechanical, industrial, biomedical, chemical, civil, electrical, environmental, electronics, computer hardware, and others? Burleson has them already or they live in the surrounding metroplex.

  • Specialists in working with steel...we got ‘em.

  • Manufacturing Specialists...yep, they’re here.

  • Medical professionals...check, we got ‘em.

Burleson is an attractive place to live and work for any professional. So, it‘s no wonder you’ll find them already in the city and most certainly in abundance in the metroplex.

Hayes and Stolz paint booth

Proximity to Universities/Colleges

Educational opportunities at all levels are available and readily accessible, and the Burleson EDC is always ready to work with your business to help your workers upgrade skills and gain additional knowledge that can positively impact your business productivity.

 The City of Burleson prides itself on the availability of higher education choices for its residents.  Since 2007 the privately funded Burleson Opportunity Fund has provided over $1.7M toward more than 1,300 scholarships for higher education and through the sister program Burleson Works scholarships available for technical training.

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